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Cheddar Cheese

This is not just any cheddar, made with milk exclusively from our Boss Dairy Farm herd, it is rich, creamy, and ranges in flavor from mild to sharp. A younger cheddar is milder and creamier whereas an aged cheddar develops a sharper and crumblier texture.  Whether plain or flavored, these cheddars are aged for at least 60 days making the flavor profile exceptional.  

  • Aged 60 days up to 365 days. 
  • Flavors: 
    • Mild Cheddar
    • Roasted Garlic Cheddar
    • Onion & Chive Cheddar
    • Buffalo Ranch Cheddar
    • Sharp Cheddar (Aged 6+ months)
    • Cherry Cheddar
  • Uses/Pairings: Perfect for slicing on a sandwich or burger, snacking, or any charcuterie board